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Any change in the normal ventricular activation sequence determines a delay that produces a wide.Because the ventricles have a large muscle mass compared to the atria, so the QRS complex usually has a much larger amplitude than the P-wave.

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There is also a capture beatlater on, where the P wave has managed to sneak through and transiently take over, resulting in a normally-shaped QRS complex and T wave.

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Thus, the possibility of a normal electrical heart axis is excluded.

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Measured from the beginning of the QRS complex to the end of the T wave in leads II and V5-V6.In the normal ECG the T wave is always upright in leads I, II, V3-6, and always inverted in lead aVR.In the figure above, Panel A shows what a normal QRS complex looks like on a normal ECG. (For those who are interested, this figure shows lead I from a 12.

The QT interval is the time from the beginning of the QRS complex until the end of the T wave.

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The normal T wave is usually in the same direction as the QRS except in the right precordial leads.

While it is a relatively simple test to perform, the interpretation of the ECG tracing requires significant amounts of training.QRS complex is a name for the combination of three of the graphical deflections seen on a typical electrocardiography.

Notice that the systolic arterial pressure varies from beat to beat as ventricular filling time changes.

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The QRS complex duration is measured from the beginning of the Q wave to the end of the S wave.PR interval is the time from the onset of the P wave till the beginning of the QRS complex. 148 milliseconds is a normal value (120 - 200 ms is the usual range).